Housing & Dining

Brown is a community of individuals living and learning together

The University works to ensure each student is comfortable. See the links below for more information about the services available.

Residential Life

Brown’s housing system is full of variety and services a vibrant, diverse community.

First-year undergrads live with a roommate in close-knit “units” of 50 to 60 first-years. Through an annual “housing lottery,” students in upper years pick their exact room, whether a private single or with friends in a suite or apartment.

With options such as Art House, Interfaith House, Tech House, language and cultural housing, and Greek life, Brown’s program housing provides opportunities to live and learn with students who share your interests. Students may also request a substance free, quiet, or single-sex community.

Off-Campus Living

Many seniors and graduate students live near campus in either Brown-owned or non-University apartments and houses.

Housing for Graduate and Medical Students

Although most graduate and medical students rent privately owned apartments off campus, a small number seek campus housing or a Brown-owned off-campus apartment.

Brown Dining

Brown DiningBrown Dining

Brown’s dining system is designed to be easy and accommodating, providing a range of options and hours, and flexible meal plans available to students who live on- or off-campus. There are nearly a dozen eateries across campus—two large dining halls including veggie options, Kosher and Halal meals, as well as smaller venues and convenient snack carts.

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