Campus Life

Life at Brown is busy—in a good way

Brown students are curious and engaged; active involvement outside the classroom is central to Brown’s culture.

A huge variety of student organizations, activities and events, athletics, exhibitions and performances, and educational opportunities keep campus lively. Each day brings new experiences that allow students to engage their passions.

Sleep well, eat well

Dorm LifeDorm Life

Brown’s close-knit community is reflected in its housing and dining systems. Students live in residence halls arranged on scenic, grassy quads and courtyards. Historic Providence neighborhoods offer apartments for graduate and medical students, and some upper-year students who live off-campus.

Brown’s two major dining halls — the Sharpe Refectory and the Verney-Woolley (affectionately, the Ratty and the V-Dub) — serve tasty options all day, and are supplemented by snack carts and late-night eateries across campus.

Lean on us

Brown is committed to supporting all of its students. The office of Campus Life & Student Services oversees many of the events, services, programs and initiatives that make Brown home: health and wellness, campus and community involvement, spiritual life, and a network of support.

Out on the town

Not to mention one of Brown’s most valuable assets: the City of Providence. Its many galleries, shops, and restaurants supply convenience, enrichment, and entertainment. Thayer Street, which runs through the center of campus, is always buzzing with activity.

Live and learn

So, meet friends for dinner at the Ratty before improv rehearsal and a night of studying at the Rock for that macroeconomics exam. Spend Sunday afternoon reading in the shade of a huge tree on Simmons Quad, or see a movie at Providence Place Mall. Play Frisbee on the College Green before heading to your neuroscience review session, and then enjoy a cappella beneath Wayland Arch.

It’s all part of the Brown experience.